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Micro Analytic's expertise spans multiple disciplines including Telecommunications, Industrial control, Voice response systems and Computer hardware design. We strive to provide professional services that not only understand our client's technical environment, but also their industry and business objectives. Micro Analytic manufactures various products and can offer that same production capability to provide for prototypes or production runs of any size.

Hardware Services
Digital Design
  • Consumer (internet appliances, telecom and networking)
  • Control {Dedicated function devices, firmware based or remotely re-configurable device design, monitor and control devices,
  • Computer (everything from dedicated attachment cards to sequencer based central processor designs, interface and communication conversion devices.
FPGA Development and Porting
  • Map can provide graphic based or Verilog HDL implemented gate array for use in new designs or for reducing component counts in existing designs.

Prototype and Production Services

             We make what we design.  Should your requirements include anything from prototypes to full production, Micro Analytic can provide and assist you in both domestic and overseas procurement.

Integration & Software Services

            Dialogic based VRS and IVR systems for analog or digital line applications,  Central office qualified systems and small , multi line systems to  scalable service center support systems.  We can assist you in the specification, design and implementation of your telephone based application.

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