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Which model is best suited for me?
If you have Bernoulli drives and need to access, or convert the data to ZIP drives, then the 610 R is the proper model. If you plan to use the 610 as a boot device (Program Load).
If you want to do Offline Copy/Formats (i.e.: make copies w/o the console ever being on, keep mixing and still do back-ups!
What is the LCD on the 610-R used for?
The LCD indicates the current status and active drive selection. The LCD reports the state of each of the ZIP drives to indicate UNIT A or UNIT B will access the ZIP or Bernoulli drives. Also, options like local copy disk to disk, power up preference programming, and other offline functions are programmed with the use of the LCD panel.
Why can't I just plug ZIP drives into my console?
The ZIP drive is not compatible with the Bernoulli drives that are used on the SSL consoles. Both the interface and drive geometry is different and incompatible with the software. The 610 series actually contains logic to translate the Bernoulli commands to support the ZIP drives transparent to the console. The 610 series also knows how to route the commands and data stream to the proper device.
I have a 4100 processor in my console. Can I use the 610?
Yes, the 610 series will work with any console as a Bernoulli replacement. The ability to boot your console software directly from the 610 is the only feature that will not operate in the early version of the 4100, known as the 4100 A model, without a special adapter card. More >>
I have a 4100A processor. Can I use the 610 as a boot device, and get rid of my 8" floppy drives?
We are completing work on a new card that will allow 4100A users to boot. More >>
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